Aleks Radovic-Moreno




Aleks Radovic-Moreno, PhD, is a Partner at Longwood Fund, where he is involved in building and supporting portfolio companies including Longwood-founded Be Bio, where he was Co-Founder and President. Aleks was previously Senior Vice President at PureTech Health, where he was a co-founder and member of the senior leadership team of several portfolio companies. Aleks was a co-founder of Vor Biopharma, a company developing novel engineered hematopoietic stem cell therapies for treating blood cancers. He also co-founded and acted as interim CEO of Alivio Therapeutics, a company focused on developing new therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases based on a new category of inflammation-targeting drugs. He was previously a scientist at Exicure, where he was the lead inventor of AST-008, a TLR9 agonist now in phase 2 trials for treating various solid tumors.

Aleks completed his graduate work as an NSF Fellow in Robert Langer's lab at MIT, where he developed novel strategies for managing bacterial infections, including a novel vaccine candidate for chlamydia infections. Aleks was awarded the Alumni Achievement Award by the Pennsylvania State University for extraordinary professional accomplishment by graduates under the age of 35. Aleks received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and PhD in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from MIT and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology.