Discovering and delivering innovative medical solutions and technology combined with digital health to help individuals suffering from pelvic floor disorders

Renovia was formed to better diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of millions of women through a platform of innovative sensor technologies combined with a digital health platform. This allows precise, cost-effective visualization and treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscles in real time, while collecting actionable compliance and progress data on women’s pelvic health. Renvoia is combining the development of innovative FDA cleared medical devices with state-of-the-art patient based app technology and data management systems to empower patients to take back control of their pelvic floor muscles. Renovia’s leadership team offers extensive talent and experience in disciplines critical to understanding the designing & development, engineering, regulatory, medical, compliance, project management, finance and commercialization of medical products and therapeutics that are transformational to our patients, caregivers and health care professionals.

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