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Enhanced pairing for precision protein control

Photys Therapeutics is developing novel bifunctional small molecules for fine-tuned control of post-translational modifications beyond ubiquitination building off the same principles that underpin PROTACS. Working with Amit Choudhary, a PI at the Broad and Harvard Medical School, Photys is initially developing Phosphorylation-Inducing Chimeric Small molecules (PHICS) - a suite of binders and linkers that bring kinases in close proximity to therapeutic targets to allow pinpoint phosphorylation on demand. Via this approach Photys can restore/amplify native phosphorylations for healthy signaling (native PHICS), and create novel, non-native phosphorylations that deactivate pathogenic proteins by disrupting signaling and binding (neo-PHICS). This unlocks directed protein phosphorylation as a therapeutic strategy for many devastating diseases in, e.g., oncology, inflammation, metabolism, and genetic disorders.