Be Bio

Be Bio is developing a proprietary class of engineered B cells as medicines that unleash the potential of cell therapies in applications beyond cytotoxicity.

Be Bio is a leader in developing engineered B cells as a new category of cellular medicines. B cells are one of the most unique and versatile populations of cells in the body, playing a key role in humoral immunity and in modulating immune cell behavior in tumors and chronically inflamed tissues. They are among the human body’s most prolific secreted protein factories, they traffic to tissues in a targetable fashion, and they can engraft in niches for as long as decades.

Our goal is to harness B cells’ rich biology and intrinsic drug-like properties by precisely engineering them to forge a new category of cell therapy. B cells address some of the major hurdles of cell & gene therapies today, such as inability to redose, unpredictable PK/PD, and the need to treat patients with toxic chemotherapy regimens prior to administering the cell therapy. B cell medicines are designed to be durable, re-dosable and can be administered without toxic conditioning, creating new avenues to halt or reverse severe diseases like cancer, autoimmune conditions, infectious disease, and enzyme deficiencies. Founded by Longwood Fund and B cell engineering pioneers David Rawlings, MD and Richard James, PhD, Be Bio is re-imagining medicine based on the power of B cell therapy.


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